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Ask The Expert: Is there a simple way to loop a short video within my Casablanca editor?

QUESTION: Is there a simple way to loop a short video within my Solitaire?

ANSWER:  The short answer is yes, but the better answer depends on how you are showing this (or delivering it to your client)

1. If you are delivering a DVD and the video is 3-minutes or 8-minutes.  I would advise you to create a Scene of your Storyboard and then add that scene multiple times to the Storyboard to fill up and hour or up to 1-hour, 40-minutes.  Then create a DVD - you can even program Arabesk to repeat that DVD.In Arabesk - under the 'Edit Menu' menu, select 'Control' under the 'Title Menu' options and under 'Films' select 'Play Successively'.  With just one film (one project or storyboard on the DVD title) it will play the disk repeatedly. 

* If you want it to auto-play select 'Trailer+Menu' in the '1. Film' section of this menu.


2.  In the rare instance you are playing back a presentation directly from your Casablanca editor (like at a community or business event) you can use the settings in Presentation Options (add-on software for both Smart Edit & Bogart) that enables you to check the 'Loop-Mode'.  This will continue to loop either the storyboard or even a scene in the Scene Bin until you stop the playback. 

You can also use this method if you are playing out to videotape!

NOTE: If your Scene is short I would also make a Scene and repeat it in an empty Storyboard - this minimizes the momentarily stall between repeats.

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis