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Ask The Expert: How Can I Find (create) a Missing Button in my Arabesk DVD Menu?

QUESTION:  I seem to have lost the button on the menu in Arabesk, 4.1g, and like Little Bo Peep, I don't know where to find it.

I've clicked on every button I can find and nothing brings it back.
Please tell me how to get the menu button to return.

I assume you are in the Edit Menu 'menu'?
I recommend trying one of the following:

One possible cause for your odd situation is that you would not have (or could not get) a button to show up in the Main Menu menu if you have not yet added at least one film.

As you likely know, you can check this out (if it ever happens again) by left clicking into the 'Films, Chapter Menus' button and verify that your Film (added Storyboard) appears in the list.
Select 'Title Menu' to Buttons, change 'Size' to (any other setting) and it should give you back your menu icon/stamp

2. If you still have no luck, while still in the Edit Menu menu - left click on 'Archives' and select one of your (or their) DVD templates that has a button in the layout.

This will revert back to one of the earlier versions where you did have the button/s.

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