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Ask The Expert: When I Restore Projects That Are Archived - What Does That Do to my Current Projects?

QUESTION :I had saved the contents of my S4000Pro Casablanca editor with projects I was working on previously. If I want to restore the drive, what does that do to my data ALREADY on the internal drive?

ANSWER: Depends if you are asking about the Bogart HD Backup or if you saved/archived just one project via the Storyboard Archives (found in the System Settings menu).

If you're talking about the Storyboard Archives - it will restore (load back in) just the one storyboard you archived (saved) into one empty project on your internal HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

When you restore the contents from an Archive (back-up) from Bogart HD Backup it restores (retrieves) the entire 30 projects from archived file on the external HDD (whether or not you had 30 projects worth of data) and that essentially wipes out (factually, replaces) the current contents of your internal HDD.

SO - if this is your situation, if you have projects you're continuing to work on that exist on your internal HDD - you would/should backup them up first before restoring the file from the external HDD via Bogart HD Backup.

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