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Casablanca Historical Videos - Casablanca Museum

Here are some videos from the early years of the Casablanca video editor

NOTE: if you are new to Casablanca, these do not represent the current Casablanca or it's capabilities.  Please see other tutorials on this site for a wealth of lessons on the features and functions of today's Casablanca video editor.

History of the Early Casablanca

"The following video was produced for presentation at the 2010 WEVA Expo - August 2010 in Orlando, Florida. The video presents a brief history of the Draco Casablanca, fore-runner of the Casablanca digital video editors we use today."

Length 3:11

Above video courtesy of YouTube user

Casablanca Introductory video - part 1*
(Eric Kloor introduces the Casablanca Classic)
Length 7:44

Casablanca Introductory video - part 2*
(David Slone demonstrates the operation of the Casablanca Classic)
Length 1-Hour, 31-minutes

*Special thanks to CasablancaExpert website member Richard Stanfield who converted the above two videos from VHS videotape onto DVD


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