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Casablanca Publications - Casablanca Museum

Here are copies (scans) of some of the marketing publications produced by Draco Systems/MacroSystem US

Casablanca (Classic) flyer
This was produced when the Cassie Classic was on the Version 3 OS (Operating System)

This top flap is a card that could be detched and mailed back to the
company for more information on the Casablanca editor.

CM Marketing card

Click here to download the 2-page full sized PDF document that is the Casablanca brochure represented by the smaller images below

CM flyer front


CM Flyer rear

'Macrosystem Storyboard'
This was a publication created in-house that was sent to Casablanca owners and others on the Casablanca mailing list. It was produced quarterly and featured user articles, company news, and software/hardware tips.

Front cover - Issue 1 (Spring 2002)


Inside page 1 - Issue 1 (Spring 2002)

SB inside1

Inside page 2 - Issue 1 (Spring 2002)

SB inside2

AVIO Joy of Editing booklet

This small book was used at Trade Shows and in mailings to encourage people to get into video editing, and to use the AVIO as their editor of choice.


Avoi booklet

Inside first 2 pages

Avio booklet inside

Classroom Video magazine
This publication was created by the Macrosystem Education Sales Department to showcase the value of video in the classroom and the perfect tool Casablanca editors are for the classroom. 

Class video cover

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis