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How to Import Video from a DVD for Further Editing?

QUESTION: A member of our church gave me a 52-minute video he shot in our church two weeks ago. He wants me to put it on our church's website. I'll edit it down to about 10 minutes, but don't recall the most efficient way to get his video onto my Casablanca editor (Bogart OS). Any thoughts?

ANSWER: if you are uploading the video from a DVD to the internet, through your Casablanca, you can import in one of the following methods:

1, Try Ksebara -found under the New Button in the Edit Menu - this works for both Smart Edit & Bogart, but I find more success with other file types in Bogart OS and Ksebara. However this is designed for Arabesk burned DVDs and if it does not bring in the audio this option is no good.  Tutorial here:

2. Try the USB icon in the Record Menu, selected DVD/CD and click to check mark all the films/files on the DVD - article here. If that works, great!

3. Since you indicated you're on a Bogart OS editor, you may also try Importing via the USB menu in Media Manager - tutorial here: Importing video from a DVD into Casablanca using the Media Manager

3. If neither of the above works, you'll need to connect a DVD player and import the file/s as a video stream or source - record as if you were recording from a video deck.

Then edit away as normal, adding new scenes, titles, etc. and export for uploading to the internet. By the way, title screens imported may be the least pleasant scenes when transferred via these may wish to re-create these screens for maximum clarity and read-ability.

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