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The Aspect Ratio Setting in DVD Arabesk - for both Main and Chapter Menus

The topic came up on the Cassie Tips List yesterday and thought this is another one of those topics that would benefit so many others...because I know that I have encountered this myself, and more than once.

When playing back a DVD in the Casablanca Arabesk preview - found under the 'All' button in the Info/Edit/Playback section of Arabesk - our colleague encountered the odd (and very dis-pleasing) effect where the films would switch between the desired 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. She indicated that she had videotaped the footage on her newer camcorder in the 16:9 aspect ratio, and had successfully edited the project in 16:9 (she being a CasablancaExpert member, I called her and checked on these facts).

She was able to play it back successfully in the Storyboard - which is something I would ask or advise any colleague if they were experiencing something similar. She did and it was (playing back fine). So the issue was in Arabesk

The culprit is in the 'Settings' menu (button) found in the Edit Menu meny of Arabesk:

Arabesk menu
It is critical that we ensure the 'Menu Format' is set to the proper aspect ratio, otherwise your Arabesk gets confused and the results are not pleasant!

Another indicator that you have this menu option in the 'wrong' setting is after you add your button (icons or stamps)...if they look like this, in the letterbox format, then you know your setting is in the wrong place:


As long as you have an incorrect setting in only the Main Menu menu - then you can make the change, re-create (render) the menu and check again before burning the DVD. If however, you notice the problem after you've burned the disk and it's in your Chapter Menu, then you have to re-start the project, Delete that film (and any other that has the incorrect menu setting) and re-add. This time making sure that you have this little setting in the correct position.

NOTE: If you're using the Bogart OS V4.1G and the latest version of Arabesk software you are now able to preview the Chapter Menus as well as the Main Menu!
See this article for details: DVD Arabesk now allows Preview in Chapter Menus.

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