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Macrosystem AG - Company History (1991-2005)

The following article simply titled 'History' was/is found on the Macrosystem AG english language website here. This site is no longer kept current, after the acquisition of MSAG by Loewe. I did not want this information to be lost so I preserve it here in the English language for interested parties to review.

Company History

MacroSystem was founded in 1990, long before anyone had even thought of non linear video editing. As a result, the first MacroSystem product had little to do with video. It was an Atari ST emulator for the Commodore Amiga with the fine-sounding name of 'Medusa'. This was followed by further products for the Amiga: 'Evolution', the first Amiga hard disk controller, and the Multi-Mega-Card, a highly successful Amiga memory extension.

MacroSystem's first contact with the video medium dates back as far as 1991, the year it became a public limited company, when MacroSystem launched the DeInterlace card for the Amiga - another hugely successful Amiga product.

In 1992, encouraged by the increasing popularity video, MacroSystem launched the most successful video digitizer of its time: Vlab. This was followed a year later by the Maestro and Toccata sound cards, signaling our arrival in the world of digital audio.


Finally, in 1994, the first complete video film post production system VLab/Motion signaled MacroSystem's entry into the world of digital video editing. This came at the same time as the most significant change at MacroSystem, i.e. the development from hardware producer to software creator. Unlike earlier products, VLab/Motion required more than just a simple operating program or a software driver. What was needed was a nonlinear video editing program. The result was MovieShop, our first proprietary video editing software.

Also in 1994, the bankruptcy of Commodore, manufacturers of the Amiga, created a highly threatening situation for MacroSystem. Whereas in the past, all MacroSystem products had been tailored exclusively to the Amiga, the company now had to develop an entire system on its own in order to survive.

Born out of a crisis, the success of this first independent video editing system was a surprise, not only among experts. The Draco ensured MacroSystem a place in the professional video editing sector, and at the same time, it contained the seeds of the company's most successful product to date, the Casablanca.


When the Casablanca finally hit the market in 1997, MacroSystem suddenly found itself in a unique situation. There was no direct competition and at first, the market, focussed on classic, linear video editing technology, didn't know what to make of the new product.

But once the specialist press, video clubs and numerous users had recognized the advantages of nonlinear video editing over all classic methods, there were no more obstacles to the triumphant success of the Casablanca.

Over the years that followed, MacroSystem concentrated on optimizing its software and developing additional products and new hardware, as it soon became clear that the "classic" Casablanca, based on Amiga technology, was a dead end.

In March 2000, MacroSystem proudly presented the result of years of development: The next generation Casablanca systems Casablanca Avio and the company's new flagship (launched at the Photokina 2000 trade show in Cologne), the Casablanca Kron.

In July 2002 Casablanca Prestige became the new, smart production solution for digital video editing.

A new chapter unfolds

Early 2004, MacroSystem presented the revolutionary Casablanca Solitaire.
This high-powered complete system for video editing now represents the flagship of the Casablanca series and is, as such, the pioneer for upcoming innovative technology. Some of the most important new features are the modern hardware architecture with its extremely powerful processors and the automatic background rendering for effects. This makes for a downright quantum leap in terms of editing speed.

Moreover, the system shines through the its one-button solution for comfortable archiving of data and the possibility of integrating a portable
hard-drive that can be connected directly to a common DV camcorder. The concept is rounded of with a unique case-design with its cube form and high-quality glass front with integrated display and touch-sensitive control items.

Casablanca for all

March 2005 MacroSystem launched the Casablanca Claro, retailed for under €1000. Never before has a Casablanca unit been this affordable.

The brave new step to a new market for home entertainment

Since October 2005, Macrosystem Enterprise has been shipped across the country. This represented both, a major step and a major investment for the company. In the first reviews, the new system has been received to much acclaim by specialist magazines ­ a fantastic start for a new business area.

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis