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Ask The Expert: Help - Cannot Get Blue Box World Running on my Bogart V4 Editor

QUESTION: Using the a S4000 pro with the latest Bogart V4.1c since release had no problems with other software until I tried to use the Blue Box World software.

When attempting to run the program the graphic display would distort in various ways the program would crash or lock up. After what appeared to be a crash it would return to the home screen with a message that clears before I could figure out what it says.

In an attempt to fix the problem I would try and delete it but the program does not seem to get removed. I tried reinstalling but since it is not removed that does not work either. Now It does not even show up on the list of software's to use when selecting from available transitions. Any suggestions?

ANSWER: At this time - both Blue Box World (and Candy Factory) are Casablanca add-on programs that were operational in Bogart V3 (and lower) but are not in Bogart V4.1C.

Until a revised version is available in NTSC (it has been released in PAL) you do have a work-around to use Blue Box World and Candy Factory on your Bogart editor - go into the System Settings Menu, click into Install Product and select Bogart V4.1c - click Hide (not delete, but Hide). Then click OK. This will 'hide' the V4.1C version and you will revert to using whatever last version you had licensed (for many that will be Bogart V3).

You can then use these two software applications and go back to Bogart V4.1C by entering the same menu and click 'activate'. Since you have just hidden the OS version there is no need to reenter codes or install your software. It will come back active in a few moments.

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