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Ask The Expert: How can I have just a graphic (arrow) in DVD menu instead of text?

QUESTION: In DVD Arabesk if I want to put a play arrow in the play box of the main menu instead of the word 'Play' how would I do that?

ANSWER:  I prefer to have some text on the main menu so it's totally clear to the audience what each button or link does, but if you desire you can customize your DVD menu to this:

  1. After you have added your film - enter the Edit Menu menu
  2. Select 'Button Text' from the pull-down menu
  3. Click to select the menu button you're modifying and delete the text in that field
  4. Then access 'Buttons' in the pull-down Title Menu menu
  5. Change 'Type' to 'Color/pattern' -
  6. You can then click on 'Select' and the Image Pool should open.
  7. You can then select ' DVD Button' for Product, 'Images' for Type and you will find several arrows to use.
Now you will have an arrow or other graphic you selected instead of Text (you could have both by not deleting the text)

See this 27-minute streaming video for more on the use of interactive buttons: Webinar Video: Using Interactive Buttons to Create More Interactive DVD Menus

And for maximum understanding of the capabilities of your Arabesk DVD authoring software - check out the Casablanca Foolproof thorough tutorial DVD: Volume 2 - Arabesk 4 Intensive

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis