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Ask The Expert: How can I use alpha channel video clips like footagefirm or motionloops?

QUESTION: How can I use or add alpha channel footage from vendors like or in my Casablanca editor?

ANSWER: Unfortunately we have to method in the current Casablanca to truly enjoy programmed transparency or alpha channel on motion clips.

We can, using the new options in Bogart V4 OS, use still graphics like logos, etc.

But again that does not allow for alpha channels. Some of the 3rd party effects companies produce their motion graphics with alpha channel as well as green or black video this is done to allow systems like Casablanca to use Chroma Key effects (Blue Box or Blue Box World) and make success with their effects sequences.

Article/tutorials on the above operations:

Bogart V4 Function: Importing & Placing PNG Graphics (images with transparency)


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Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis