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August 2011 Casablanca eNewsletter

What follows is the free Casablanca Expert eNewsletter that was sent to
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    Free E-Newsletter                                               June 29, 2011


Free Public Webinar: Introduction to Today's Casablanca Video Editor

 Members of Club Casablanca have likely received their Bogart OS 4 packages, others wishing to upgrade to this new Operating System for the newer S-series Casablanca video editors can do so after the July 4th Holiday.  


There are a wealth of resources on my website for those considering or planning to upgrade, here's some tips & assistance for you (if that's you)


I have assembled some notes and links to my articles/tutorials to help folks upgrade smoothly - from archiving your codes to backing up video projects.  You will find this article in the public section of my website: Preparing for Upgrade


When you receive your copy of the Bogart V4 OS disk (and activation code) you can read my step by step experience as I installed the new Bogart V4.1C OS version on my S-series Casablanca editor: Installing the Bogart V4 OS Software

I have assembled what I am calling a 'Quick Guide' to help Casablanca colleagues who are familiar with Bogart OS 3 to get familiar with the new functions in the Bogart V4 Operating System. Website members can download your 8-page PDF guide here: Bogart V4 Quick Guide


And be sure to check out the free Public Webinar this Thursday, June 30th as I take you through the new features & functions in the Bogart V4 OS (details below)

Public Webinar

Tomorrow - June 30th

Bogart OS 4 Highlights

8:00AM Pacific Time - click here for your time

In this special public session Chet will highlight the new features and functions in the Bogart V4 Operating System. From the ability to import new formats like .FLV files, the direct export of still video scenes to Photos, the option to use your own edited images - with alpha channel support, to the awesome new direct export... there are lots of new things to learn to make your video editing more creative and more efficient!
As always we'll have an engaging enjoyable time together as we learn a lot. And if you cannot attend live, sign-up and you will receive an email when the recording is available.

NOTE: The Bogart V4 OS software is only compatible with the Casablanca S-series editors.


Register here:


Learn to use Casablanca Filter Pack Software in this Streaming Video
I am pleased with the very positive feedback concerning the recent Casablanca Expert Webinar where I presented the options and settings in the Casablanca Filter Pack software. This software is compatible with both Smart Edit & Bogart OS editors, and has ten different 'operators', some with many variable settings.

You will find the streaming video recording of this session in the Public Webinar Archives here.

On this page you'll also see a link to download the 7-page Filter Pack Manual/Guide produced by Macrosystem (PDF document).

This 47-minute video will remain in the public viewing archives through July 9, 2011 and then become a members only resource.



New Casablanca Expert Tutorial DVD:
Candy Factory Intensive

In this brand new tutorial DVD package, Casablanca Expert Chet Davis walks you through the many settings in the powerful Casablanca Candy Factory software.

If you have wanted to unleash the creative capabilities in the Casablanca Candy Factory software but felt a little daunted by all the options and settings, Chet Davis' latest tutorial DVD is just what you need.  

With 2-hours & 10 minutes of quality instruction you will be learning all the capabilities and features of Candy Factory software (compatible with both Smart Edit & Bogart OS Casablanca editors)

Nestled within this tutorial are 6 'Quick Tips' where you learn specific effects without having to learn each of the menu settings. Also included is a separate disk with 20 scenes & masks to follow along & learn, and then practice on your own.  Click here to see the contents of the tutorial and to place your on-line order today: Casablanca Online Store - Candy Factory DVD Set  (website members remember to log-in first to get your 20% discount on all DVD orders!)


Recent Tips from The Expert

 Here are just a few of Chet's Tips & Tutorials that are new to the website this past month - these are all in the 'Public Area'. To access the more than 560 articles, consider joining today!

Using PowerKey on a standard PC Keyboard


I need a new monitor - what should I consider for my Casablanca Smart Edit editor?


Ensuring You Are Using the Latest Casablanca Software to Avoid Problems


Some tips for learning to use the Casablanca Audio Envelope (audio editing function)




Casablanca Community News


Naples’ Original Video Productions, Inc. has WON the Star Choice Award 2011 for "Best Video Productions" again this year from the Naples Daily News Choice Award.  This makes the 8th year in a for for them!  Congratulations to John and Michelle Mansika of Naples, Florida - Casablanca colleagues (and website members)


Casablanca colleague (and website member) Sylvain Renaud of Reno Video Productions documented Project North on their recent journey to Pond Inlet, 700km above the Arctic Circle.  The full story and Syl's amazing videos can be seen here: Project North Zacuto


If you have noteworthy news about your company or a recent video production edited on your Casablanca - send Chet an email message with the details.









Bogart V3.6 OS Update Released in NTSC
Check out the features in this new OS version for owners of the Bogart editors.  (read more)
Arabesk 5 Software Coming Soon to NTSC
There are a number of colleagues who have been waiting for the ability to burn author DVD chapter and main menus with HD projects onto Blu-ray media. That's coming with DVD Arabesk 5 software
(read more)


You may have heard that Apple just released a revamped version of their popular Final Cut Pro software.  If you hear colleagues complaining - here's an explanation.

(read more)


Casablanca Expert Tutorial DVDs in Development


Chroma Key Intensive

Learn all about Blue Box and Blue Box World with Chet Davis  - includes practice scenes & instruction (for Smart Edit & Bogart OS)

Release target: Aug. 2011

Bogart 4 Intensive

Chet Davis provides a detailed walk-through of the new Bogart 4 Operating System.

Release target: Aug. 2011


Eye Candy - Volume 1

Chet Davis shares a collection of tips & tricks to produce some eye-popping effects on your Casablanca (for Smart Edit & Bogart OS)

Release target: Sept. 2011







 2011 Chet Davis - Casablanca Expert

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis