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Ask The Expert: How can I set-up a DVD Menu with both a Play film button and a button to launch the Chapter menu?

QUESTION: Using DVD Arabesk 4 software on my Casablanca - how do I set-up to have 2 buttons on my main menu: one that will allow the viewer/s to play the entire project (one storyboard) and a 2nd button to allow the viewer to select from the 20 chapters I have set-up in the Chapter Menu?

ANSWER: The easiest method is to use the 2nd Template for DVD menus found under the 'Archives' in the Edit Menu Menu (see 2nd tutorial below).

This will load a DVD Main Menu with a single stamp/icon/button to play film and a 2nd button/stamp/icon to open the Chapter Menu.

You can then customize the menu's appearance to suit your preference.
NOTE: you are likely aware that you must set-up the Chapter menu to utilize it in your project (1st article below)


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