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Ask The Expert: What are my audio options with a Casablanca AVIO?

I want to know how what options I have with audio sources for my Avio.

ANSWER: What is your need or interest regarding audio for your AVIO?

As you likely know, the AVIO has a pair of phono/RCA audio inputs (and outputs) for line level audio. This is true for the Casablanca Kron (and the original Casablanca Classic) -- the Prestige was the first Casablanca model to host an on-board mic jack.
RCA cables
This audio input will accomodate most any audio component (camera, VCR, DVD player -- as long as you are using the Line Out of those devices).

To use a microphone with your AVIO, you will need to go through a device that converts your mic level signal to line level -- most folks use an Audio Mixer for this purpose.
Here is my Audio Set-up in the Casablanca Lab.

Though in a pinch (traveling, on vacation, etc) I have used a camcorder to supply voice-over narration in a video project - see this article for more.

And with latter versions of the Smart Edit Operating System, you have the ability to import both CDA (standard CD Audio format, the same format of most commercially produced audio CDs) and MP3.

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