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Ask The Expert: Learning the Audio Envelope functions

 QUESTION: I know there is no shortage of subjects to be covered in the process of teaching Casablanca stuff, but I was wondering if you would cover a lesson on ''Rubber banding''? I'm sure there are written instructions on how to master rubber banding, but it is ALWAYS much easier to grasp when there is somebody onscreen actually SHOWING the process involvAudio Envelopeed.

I have wanted to use rubber banding several times in my very own productions, but I have found that doing the rubber banding parts of my Projects (and failing miserably) becomes a major ''Project'' in itself.

ANSWER: Yes, in fact I do have a streaming video tutorial on the use of the Audio Envelope. You can view that on my website here: Using the Envelope (Rubber Banding) in your Audio Mix menu

This 9-minute clip is taken from the Casablanca Foolproof Volume 1 Tutorial DVD.  If you have that, check disk 3, film 2 for this and more instruction in the Audio Mix Menu...

and I have a 55-minute streaming video (from webinar) where I highlighted the newer audio functions in Smart Edit 9/Bogart V3 - including the new changes/improvements in the audio menus: New Audio Functions & Features in Bogart 3 and Smart Edit 9 OS  and for those colleagues who appreciate (or need) a print-able introductory tutorial on the use of the Audio Envelope - here you go: Audio Envelope Basics (Audio Rubber Banding).

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