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Ask The Expert: Can or will MacroSystem develop or collaborate with Magic Bullet software effects?

QUESTION: Can you tell me if MacroSystem will develop or collaborate with Magic Bullet to release an equivalent version on the platform Bogart?

ANSWER: The answer to your question about Magic Bullet type software can only be answered by the development team at Macrosystem AG. There is some capacity in the system now to do some of this, using the Effects Stack options in the Operating System. You may know this, but you can customize a stack or layer of image processing effects and save them as one preset.

But in the Magic Bullet video I saw on their website, there are things in there that are not addressable by the Effects Stack (moving graphics, etc). I am sure it can be developed but the big question for a company like Macrosystem AG is - will all the development hours we would spend on such a project be of sufficient interest and truly purchased by our core customers. Without that they run the risk of investing resources where they could not recoup their monies.

I think there are enough who may be interested in this type of product but I do not know the specifics of development and what this would entail.

The challenge for Macrosystem products for a long time is that it was/is a more closed system that the other computer based editing applications.
A good portion of that was cleared away with the move to the Lynux based Bogart Operating System. I do not personally know how much of the 'open-ness' and collaboration is a possibility with the current Casablanca Bogart OS and how much is an internal decision to keep software development tied close to the parent company (a decision to keep revenue closely controlled).

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