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Ask The Expert: I Like How Your Videos (Chet Davis/Casablanca Expert) Do Not Display Other Videos After Playing like on my YouTube Channel. How do You do that?


I have put some videos on YouTube and then used the embedded code link in my website. Using the embedded code keeps people on my site but when the video is finished, it leaves a window option to view videos on YouTube. I don't see the YouTube logo or any other logo on your videos. How is this done ? I would think to put the video directly on your site would require a person viewing to download your video which would take extra time.

ANSWER:  Most all of my videos are hosted in my own account at It costs me $25 per month, I upload the videos and they host them on their server for me. The length of my videos on my Sprout Video channel are
sprout video logo unlimited.  There is no other videos but mine there - and there is no other software your viewers need to download or install to view your Sprout hosted videos.

NOTE: Sprout Video
has a new entry level which should meet the demands and needs of many.  This level, called 'Seed' starts at just $10 per month, and includes 10 GB bandwidth and 10 GB of storage per month.

You can learn more about Sprout video here:  (IF you do decide to sign-up with Sprout Video, this is a referral link which means my account will receive a one-time credit for referring or sharing info about the service with my colleagues)

Many in our community also use Vimeo - it allows longer videos (especially is you use the paid or Pro account) and also allows embeds with no worries about referring viewers to other videos.

Also - when you are in your YouTube channel - in the Embed video tools area, make sure you un-check (remove check) for "Include related videos"
If you leave the checkmark there YouTube will display other videos when you are done.

Here's a look at the internal page for managing your videos at Sprout Video.
sprout video page

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