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Bobbie Evoy's Music Video from Dallas Casablanca Conference 2010

At the Dallas Casablanca Conference, held last October (2010), Bobbie Evoy of Memories On Tape shot the participants in preparation for a music video she had in mind.  To see the wheels spinning in Bobbie's very creative mind is a treat!  She recently edited the footage with the song 'I Gotta Feeling' (by the Black Eyed Peas) and has made the video available on her Vimeo channel here.

One of the cool sequences in the video (screen shot below) is where Bobbie videotaped me in various positions around the conference classroom. She then composited the shots into a single scene using Split Screen.  Here is Bobbie's process for doing this:

The shot with the several Chets was done very simply with the Split-Screen effect. Here's how to do it yourself:
1.)  Camera must be on a tripod
2.)  Subject moves to different areas, trying not to go over another space, a couple can go over the others with a little work, easier to not have them go over the same spot... just record them for about 8 seconds, then have them move to another spot record another 8 seconds
3.)  Use 'SPLIT SCREEN' moving the adjuster to cover and add the next subject, make of scene of that.
4.)  Continue until all room is filled/desire
Be careful 'not to move tripod' for more realistic action. 

Dallas Music video

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