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Sneak Peek at New Functions in Bogart V4 Operating System

The following was posted by MacroSystem US EricKloorPicPresident Eric Kloor on the Cassie Tips List Serve on November 10, 2010. Eric provides a sneak peek at the exciting (partial) list of the new features slated for the next Casablanca OS (Operating System) Bogart V4.  

If you are working with a Smart Edit OS Casablanca unit - Eric indicated previously that he was expecting a new version (Smart Edit 10).  It is unknown what the specific feature set of that new OS version will include.

There are several new functions/benefits in the list below that make me happy :) Some of the details and specific functions are a little fuzzy to me upon the first read... the coming weeks will provide some clarity on this.


Hello listers!

Here's the partial list of the more important Bogart 4 features, hot off the presses.  There are many other features and updates, and a full list will be available later.  These are in no particular order of importance, as each of you has different needs and desires.

I'm unfamiliar with a few of these features, so any mistakes in communicating them are mine, not Jorg's.  We'll know the details of these as the software arrives for beta testing.  I hope any mistakes don't make me look like a complete idiot, although being an incomplete one may not be so bad ... as some on this list would gladly be quick to point out!  (laugh track here)

1)  .png graphic import ability with alpha channel

2)  HDV (and possibly AVCHD) background conversion for Arabesk

3)  Native export formats (not in Media Manager) for YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

4)  Freely selectable image size in scene bin

5)  Variable f/x speeds, giving very elegant f/x

6)  Freely selectable pre-sets for f/x lengths

7)  Storyboard re-imports now keep scenes and scene names with HD

8)  Freely definable f/x favorites which appear above the 'bar' in the f/x list

9)  Search function for partial scene names

10)  Pop-up menu for play, trim, and clipboard with small right trackball button

11)  AVCHD controls during import for brightness, gamma, color, contrast, and audio volume

12)  Full frame preview of AVCHD

13)  Option to set auto-split pre import for AVCHD files

14)  Any red audio over-modulation is now seen in all menus

15)  Ability to control the volume of the entire audio track as a master clip

16)  Freely definable black frame which helps with projection and under scan issues

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