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Ask the Expert: How do I clear out my Arabesk menu for my next project?

Ask the Expert - Question: I notice when I go to Edit Menu in DVD Arabesk it seem like there are stuff left from the last time someone made the last DVD.  How can I clear the menu everything from the last time someone made an DVD?

Answer: I recommend that folks develop this new 'habit' each time you enter the DVD Arabesk menu

1. Click on 'Films, Chapter Menus' Films menu,jpg
2. Scroll up and down to make certain there are _no_ films already/still in there.  For example, in the screen shot at the right I have one film still in there.
3. If there are unwanted films still in Arabesk from a previous session - click to select that film and click 'Remove Film'

This will delete the film from Arabesk and provide you with your clean slate.

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Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis