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After an OS installation on my S4000 I am missing many of the options under the New button. How can I get these back?

QUESTION: When using my Casablanca II, I can go to "New" and create an
scene of whatever length I like, say 5 seconds. I can make it any color (the 'Color' button).

I don't know how to do that with the S-4000 Pro. Now, when I go to the New menu (in the Edit screen) I only get one thing --- a scene with stars.  That means I am also missing several other options I used to have in this menu.  Where can I go to get these functions back to my editor?

ANSWER: sounds like it may be because the Bogart V1 software (OS) needs to be activated. If you performed a clean install of Bogart 2, you logically assumed it would provide the goodies from Bogart 1 but it does not apparently. Go into your System Settings menu, click on Install Product and scroll down - Bogart SE V1 should be active. If it is not, and it is hidden, enter the License code you were provided with your S4000 editor and you should be good to go.

To clarify - the Bogart OS version 1 is like the foundation on your editor, providing many of the basic functions.  The Bogart OS V2 provided the updates and add-ons but still needs the activation of Bogart V1 for the other basic operations.

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