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Chet's Favorite 'Specials'

Favorite Specials
Here is a sampler of the special operations, effects, and filters found under the ‘Special' button in the Edit menu that I use most commonly. I have also used most of the other transitions for specific applications or reasons.

Black Border (
Effects Pack 8)
An important tool for those exporting your finished project to computer/internet playback. Use this effect on the finished scene/s of your project.

Color Filter (Filter Pack)
A must have for wedding videographers! My favorite tool is the Low Saturation setting.

Flip (OS)
Can be used to make your pan left to right reversed and go right to left

Fog (Effects Pack 5)
This is also popular with wedding videographers, placing a colored (white or other) fog effect around the subject.

Hotspot (Effects Pack 7)
This can be used to identify a key subject on screen making the rest of the scene darker while highlighting a key area (sizeable and position-able). Great for athletics to identify a key player.

Movie Mode (OS)
Essentially de-interlaces your project - some like this new ‘film look'

Panorama Zoom (OS)
This enables you to modify 16:9 scene in a 4:3 project or visa versa

Rotate 2 (Effects Pack 8)
This seldom used tool is dynamite when you need it! You can rotate a scene that may be a little off-kilter (create your own Dutch angles!).

Zoom (OS)
This effect allows you to zoom in or crop a scene. Best if you only plan/need to crop a little as a more extensive zoom produced pixelization that looks unclean.

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